Frequently Asked Questions

Gift Cards, in General:
Questions on eGift Cards:
Questions on Bulk (Corporate) Purchases:
Redemption Support:

Gift Cards, in General:

How do I check the status of my order?

You can check the status of your order in gift card option in My Account drop down on the top right corner of the site

Do these cards expire or have any fees?

Our Gift Cards do not have any expiration date or fees. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions on the product page prior to purchasing your Gift Card.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Credit Card as method of payment and we take Visa, Master, or American Express.

Are Gift Cards refundable?

Both Physical and Egift are non-refundable. In event the intended recipient does not receive their Gift Card or accidentally deletes an eGift Card, please contact customer service at (844) 810-6710 or submit a request on our Contact Us page for refund

If I have questions about how to use my Gift Card, who should I contact?

For questions about where to redeem the card, how to access card value, whether a card is active, please reference the terms and conditions on the card itself.

Where can I redeem my Gift Card?

The terms and conditions on the card itself have redemption locations, or you can contact the retailer for details. In general, Gift Cards can be redeemed only in their country of purchase.

How do I buy a Gift Card for myself?

Please enter yourself as the recipient of the Gift Card.

Questions on eGift Cards:

What is an eGift or Digital Gift Card?

An eGift card is purchased and delivered online to the recipient of your choice, including to yourself. A recipient can print out the eGift card or pull it up on a mobile device in order to redeem at the retailer.

How is my eGift Card order delivered?

For eGift Cards, your recipient will receive an email that contacts a link to their eGift Card. You will also receive a confirmation email. The link will take them to the eGift Card page to access their eGift Card with the option to print it.

What delivery options to you offer for eGift Cards?

eGift Cards are delivered via email to the recipient of your choice.

When will my recipient receive their eGift Card?

When you purchase the eGift, you set a delivery date for the card, ranging from immediately to a designated date in the future. The card should be sent on that delivery date, but in rare cases may sometimes take up to 24 business hours from the time of purchase to review the order. Delivery should be to the recipient’s email.

What if my recipient did not receive their eGift Card?

If your recipient has not received the eGift card, first confirm the email address is correct and that it was not delivered into his/her spam folder. Next, you can log into My Accounts, and under My Purchases, find the order and re-send the eGift to the recipient.

Questions on Buying Gift Cards in Bulk:

What is the process to purchase Gift Cards in Bulk?

We offer cards in bulk to the corporate users. Company representative are required to register so we can offer them discounts based on volume, manual payment methods like ACH or Check and help them in purchase process etc. After registration, they can place the order for single or multiple recipients

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, discounts may be offered depending on the order volume. The discount tiers offered would appear on the Product page and would be applied at checkout based on the order volume

How are the Gift Cards delivered?

eGift cards are delivered via email, usually within 24hrs of payment acceptance. Physical cards have processing time of 2-4 days, it depends on, if you are a brand new or existing user. After that it is delivered based on on shipping method (ground, next day etc.) selected. You will receive tracking info for the physical card orders by email.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept ACH, check and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express).

How can I pay by check?

NimbleCommerce Mail to address: Attention: Cash Applications 16610 N. Black Canyon Highway, Suite B-105 Phoenix, AZ 85053

Can Bulk Cards be shipped to multiple addresses or internationally?

Bulk gift cards can be shipped to multiple addresses, within the US. We currently do not offer international shipping.

What if I have questions about my order?

Please contact (844) 810-6710 or for assistance.